This depends upon the size, weight and destination of the mail piece. Contact our friendly team to discuss the Australia Post pricing structure.

No job is big or small.  We process jobs from 100 – 100,000 +

All documents and data are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are stored in a secure environment that only Specialist Mail programming staff can access.

Please see our Data Policy and Procedures for further details.

All envelopes must have a return address & Postage Paid logo to Australia Post requirements as a minimum

If you are a registered Charity with Australia Post you are entitled to discounted rates. Your Charity Mail (CM) number must be printed on envelopes.


We also offer discounts on all our services to registered Charities.

If you meet Australia Post requirements of 100 copies minimum twice per year you are eligible.

Mail can be lodged on your Australia Post Account. You will be invoiced directly for postage by Australia Post.

We accept data in xcel, csv, text, DAT and many other kinds.

Please contact one of our team for more details.

This depends on quantity of recipients and type of documents.

We work on fast turnaround and 85% of our jobs are completed within 48 hours.


Quality Assured


Competitively Priced


On Time Delivery

Data Secured

Data Security
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